What is a good digital citizen? 
What does he do? 
What does she say? 
What is he not? 
What does she not do? 
In class we uncovered what a good digital citizen is and came up with some great ideas.
We think that a good digital citizen uses positive words and gives kind feedback. He does not provoke people in a negative way. He goes to safe sites and uses appropriate language online. He re reads his work and thinks about others. He is a safe, responsible and respectful digital citizen.


Our class started with our very first buddy book talk today. We have been reading to ourselves this last 2 weeks and kept 2 books that we chose from our class library in our cubbies. This makes it easy for us to access the books we are reading and also ensures that we have a spare book to read each time we finish with one. We were allowed to choose our own partner and share the book we are reading. Here are some of the questions we asked of each other:

1. Can you tell me what genre your book is and why ?
2. What is the book about?
3. Why did you choose to read this book?
4. What is your favorite part and why?
5. What do you think about the author's writing style ?


Another team building activity we did in class involved a lot of creativity and of course collaboration. Each student was asked to bring 5 items from home that they can discard later on. After days of anticipation , the Wonderbolts finally found out what the purpose of bringing in those items was . With 4 people to a team, each group chose a goal written in a form of an instruction. They needed to keep that goal a secret and work cooperatively with their group using the items they now collectively have.
 Which team do you think created what?
1. a moving monster
2. an object that will help the environment
3. their own version of the Eiffel tower
4. hats for each member of the group
5. band instruments